Jumping Castles For Sale


This is an open-forum website designed to showcase second-hand Jumping Castles for sale.

Please direct all enquiries to the advertised person only.

Should you wish to advertise an item, please mail your details to castlegenie@hotmail.com and we will gladly upload the details free of charge.

The website details will be distributed via e-mail and sms to castle hire companies in the JHB area.

Important Notice

In the interest of security:

All deals are conducted on a cash only basis.

Castles are not released until funds are cleared.

All items are sold voets-toets and are conducted between the Seller and Purchaser and do not involve the Host of the Site who is subsequently indemnified from all aspects related to the sale and purchase of items advertised on this Website.

If the item is sold, please notify us so it can be removed.


Sales to date:

  1. Titanic Boat - sold 3 days after posting
  2. Gladitator Slide - sold 1 day after posting

Please forward all enquiries to: